Assessment and Reporting at St Mary's

Our school drives learning through ongoing assessment, monitoring and recording of all students’ performance, and that student achievement is reported in writing to parents at least twice a year.

  • We will track student achievement each year through the monitoring of student assessments against school targets.
  • The school has adopted the reporting format developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, (DEECD), which has been mandated for use in all Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Sale. This report meets the present requirements of the Department of Education, Employment and Work Relations (DEEWR). The school also reports on student achievement in Religious Education using the format developed by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale.
  • Reports on student achievement are prepared and distributed to parents twice each year, at the end of the  semester. The reports indicate where a child is, compared with the expected state wide standard for the year level, based on the VELS.
  • The reports chart a child’s progress over time, with a focus on progress from the previous year to the current year.
  • The reports will include clear written information about what a child knows and can do. This includes information about any further assistance or expansion needed and what support the school will provide.
  • A common ‘A to E’ scale is adopted to indicate how a child is progressing against the expected standard.
  • Reports include a plan for future learning to inform and assist parents to be involved and to work in partnership with their child’s teacher.
  • The school offers parent-teacher interviews throughout the year, but formally at the beginning of each semester.
  • Other means through which the school informs parents of student achievement include:
  1. Informal meetings with teachers and other staff
  2. The school newsletter
  3. Open invitations to visit classrooms
  4. School assemblies
  5. Curriculum information sessions