Statement of St Mary's School's Philosophy

We are committed to offering our students the best education possible, and allowing each student to realise their full potential.

We are committed to offering the best academic environment possible.  To do this, we support each student's learning and ensure that each student can learn in an environment free from bullying, harassment, and undue distraction.

We are committed to caring for each student's emotional and pastoral needs.  To do this, we have pastoral care framework and provide support such as counselling services and education on resilience and mental health.

We are committed to allowing each student to achieve in areas of their own interest.  To do this, we accomodate eash student's interests, allowing them to balalnce curricular and extra curricular activities, and encourge them to pursue their interests.

We are committed to fostering leadership in all our students.  To achieve this, we have programs and activities which encourage each student to lead amoung their peers.

We are committed to allowing each student to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  To do this, we provide education on a healthy lifestyle, and encourage sporting and other recreational activities.


Explanation of Enactment of St Mary's School's Philosophy

Our philosophy is enacted through our teaching and care for students.

Our philosphy guides our teaching, strategic plans and governance decisions.