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Uniform Ordering

Dear Parents,
To assist you with purchasing uniform items for your child, we are providing you with an order form and sizing guide. This will enable you to measure your child and use the sizing guide to work out what size is appropriate for your child. We ask you to send your order form to the school by Wednesday September 30, the second Wednesday of the holidays. This allows time for the order to be filled and ready for you to pick it up on Monday October 5, the first day back after the holidays. If you require any of the ordered uniform before the first day back, please let me know as I will be at school packing the orders towards the end of the holidays and I will do my best to arrange a time for you to come and collect it then. 
While we are in the process of creating an online payment system for the Uniform Shop, at this stage we will need the correct money in cash when you pick up the uniform.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please don't hesitate to email me at:
Please see our school website for size guide and order form
Kind regards

SeeSaw Working

SeeSaw is working again. Thank you for your patience, hopefully this won't happen again. If it does or there are other technical issues, please feel free to take time away from learning and if issues continue, contact the school.


The SeeSaw website seems to have crashed this morning. Please have children take a break from SeeSaw until they have it fixed. You can still access Reading Eggs, Maths Online, Google, Study Ladder or just take some time to relax with your family. I will let you know when SeeSaw is working again. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Pie Drive

The Pie Drive orders will be available for pick up from school today from 12:30PM. If you are able to come and pick up your order before school finishes could you please contact Sandi in the office to let her know what time you are coming so that we can have your order ready to collect. 

From 2:30PM onwards all orders that have not been picked up will be available from outside the front of the school near the side gate. We ask that anyone picking up orders to maintain 1.5metre physical distancing. 

Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday the 29th of July at 6:00pm we will be holding our Annual General Meeting at St Mary's. During this meeting the School Advisory Council and other members of the community will look at an overview of the schools operations for the past 12 months aas well as elect any roles of the School Advisry Council.

All community members are invited to attend this meeting but due to the current climate we ask that anyone attending please email the school at or call 5127 2342. This will allow us to have the correct processes in place to allow appropriate physical distancing.

Spreading Bark

If any of our St Mary’s community is available tomorrow morning at 10:00am, we are having bark delivered to school to be spread throughout the playground. As the saying goes: ‘Many hands make light work’, therefore we are seeking help to spread the bark. Any help would be very much appreciated to make it as quick as possible and we understand that everyone is enjoying the holidays, but any time you can give will make such a difference. If you have a shovel and rake please bring them along. Thanks to Jason our School Advisory President for organising this for our school community. We really hope to see you there! Thanks.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Until further notice we are continuing to use the Kiss and Go for drop offs and pickups of children. As of next week we will have separate pick up times for our classes. 

Grades Foundation AS, Foundation HS, 1-2G, 1-2A and 2-3B - Pick up time is 2:45pm

Grades 3-4P, 3-4B, 5-6AB and 5-6B - Pick up time is 3:15pm

  • If your child travels by bus they will be supervised until they catch the bus.
  • If your child walks home or walks to a separate pick up area they will be supervised until 3:15pm and then dismissed.
  • If your child leaves through the back gate, they will walk with the supervising bus teacher at 3:15pm and the gate will be unlocked.
  • Children in the 3-6 classes with siblings in the junior classes will also be at Kiss and Go at 2:45pm.
  • If your child is in the junior classes and you are unable to collect them before 3:15pm. please let us know and your child will be supervised in a classroom and will line up at Kiss and Go with the 3-6 students at 3:15pm.

For the past 2 week we have trialled the use of the Kiss and Go system and it has run very smoothly. We commend our staff and families on their support, which has enabled the pick ups and drop offs to be a great success.

Special Specialist Day

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that on Friday May 22, we are having a “Special Specialist Day”. On this day, the children will not be receiving learning tasks from their teachers and there will not be any expectation for work to be completed and uploaded. This day provides the opportunity for our teachers to write the children’s mid-year reports which, while challenging in our current situation, is a mandatory legal obligation. The teachers will not be available to families on this day as they will be engaged in the report writing process throughout the day. The Specialist teachers will be providing the learning for our “Special Specialist Day” and you are welcome to choose to participate in any way that works for your family. There will not be any expectation that work will be uploaded on this day, however if you choose to participate in an activity and would like to upload it, you send it to the Specialist teacher, not your classroom teacher. You are free to create and participate in a wide range of fun activities for this day…perhaps you might like to cook an Italian lunch or dinner, perhaps you might do a piece of artwork that you would enjoy, you might choose to join in and do a dance video, some Karaoke perhaps…maybe you love to be active and would enjoy going for a walk, creating an obstacle course in your house or backyard…whatever you choose to do becomes your learning for the day! We appreciate your child’s commitment to learning consistently and this is our way of providing support to our teachers, as well as a fun, no stress, relaxing day for them. For the children who need to be onsite learning on Friday May 22, we will be providing a “Special Specialist Day” for them as well.
Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any queries or concerns regarding this day.

Kind regards

Lisa Broeren


Joining App

Thank you to everyone for joining our new app! Other family members or members of our community are welcome to join the app to keep up to date with the latest news, they will just need to enter the code 1385 when prompted.

Welcome to our new Website

We hope you like the new website. Any feedback is appreciated.